Equine Law

massachusetts equine law attorneyI enjoy helping my equine law clients in several different legal practice areas. Please review the list below and click on the link to each page to learn more about that practice area.

Estate planning: I explain and draft estate planning documents that work best for your specific equine lifestyle. I draft wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, health care proxy, advance directive, HIPAA release, and declaration of homestead. I also draft horse trusts so that your horses are taken care of in case or your incapacity.

Business Law: Your horse-related company can be the fulfillment of your dreams and can provide you with financial security and freedom. I help you with business formation, contracts, legal advice, business documents, document review, advising conscious companies and B corporations, and subscription services.

Trademarks and Copyrights: You work hard to make your horse-related company successful. Registering your trademark is a way to protect your brand, your goods, and your services. A copyright protects original artistic works, such as books, songs, and photographs. I help you understand the law and file for trademark and copyright protection.

Forms and Contracts: Equine liability forms, boarding contracts, lease contracts, and more to make your business transactions safe and profitable.

Nonprofit Law and Compliance: As a nonprofit professional for 20 years, I understand the passion involved in forming and running a nonprofit, including horse rescues and equine-assisted therapy nonprofits. I couple that experience with my legal knowledge to help you form a federally-recognized horse nonprofit. I also help you understand the legal issues involved in running a nonprofit and the documents you need to file to remain in compliance with the nonprofit laws.

Equine Business Consulting: I can provide you with outstanding equine business consulting because I have the right combination of business and equine industry knowledge. As an attorney who spent more than a decade working as a horse professional, I have familiarity with the many issues horse people face because I have witnessed them first hand. I am also a business woman with a solo law firm, so I have the experience to help you understand how to run a business.