I am the founder of Windhorse Legal, PLLC, and I created this equine law website specifically to provide clients with legal services concerning horses and the horse industry. I have a unique combination of legal qualifications, work experience, and equine industry involvement as a horse professional.

I graduated from Boston College magna cum laude with a BA in Psychology in 1990, and from Suffolk University School of Law in 1993. I have been a member of the Massachusetts bar since 1993. My legal experience includes work as a staff attorney for the Boston Police Department’s Office of the Legal Advisor. During that time, I prosecuted officers at department and Civil Service Commission hearings after sustained complaints at the Internal Affairs Division. As the founder and solo attorney at my online law firm, Windhorse Legal, PLLC, I have helped my clients with various legal matters. For horse people and businesses, I have drafted equine contracts, formed equine businesses and nonprofits, registered equine trademarks, provided legal and business consultations, and drafted equine estate plans. I have written equine law articles for Equus magazine and been quoted in The Chronicle of the Horse concerning equine estate planning. I have also published my free e-book, “Horse People, Don’t Panic: COVID19 Legal Issues for the Horse Community” to help horse people during the pandemic.

My professional horse experience began in 2001, managing an eventing barn office in Massachusetts. Later that same year, I relocated to the Western US and began developing a variety of programs involving horses through my work with the non-profit organization Tapestry Institute, of which I am currently Co-President. My work with the Horse-Human Relationship Program included establishing equine educational programs funded by Pierce Brosnan and Dean Koontz, among others; organizing conferences with presenters such as Marj Kittredge, founder of the therapeutic riding movement; and developing a mindfulness-based horse workshop structured within Indigenous worldview that was offered to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through the WINGS Foundation of Denver. Starting in 2008, I offered riding instruction and horse training. I worked as a resident horse professional and conducted national seminars and clinics throughout the West. At Understanding the Horse, I have given talks at venues such as the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, and I produced an instructional DVD for fearful riders. I am focusing on my law firm and nonprofit work right now but may conduct clinics for fearful riders and offer online coaching and webinars in the future.

I have owned and ridden horses for more than 45 years and currently own a number of horses I enjoy personally and use in educational programs and workshops. I have shown in dressage competitions and, as a child, in 4-H. I trained for five years with advanced-level eventing rider Adrienne Iorio in Millis, Massachusetts.  I am a lifelong animal lover and have shared my life with dogs, rabbits, cats, birds, buffalo, and goats (dairy and fiber). I have worked in the horse rescue community and have been a wild Mustang advocate since 2001. I have gentled and trained wild Mustangs who continue to be a part of my life. Due to family health problems, I cannot live in Massachusetts. I live in beautiful Northwestern Nebraska, and I love to photograph nature, hike, practice yoga and meditation, and of course, spend time with my horses.

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