Joanne L. Belasco, Esq.I am the founder of Windhorse Legal, PLLC, and I created this equine law website specifically to provide clients with legal services concerning horses and the horse industry. I have a unique combination of legal qualifications, work experience, and equine industry involvement as a horse professional.

I graduated from Suffolk University School of Law in 1993, and from Boston College magna cum laude with a BA in Psychology in 1990. I have been a member of the Massachusetts bar since 1993. My legal experience includes litigation work as a staff attorney for the Boston Police Department’s Office of the Legal Advisor. During that time, I successfully argued a case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. When I left the Department, Police Commissioner Paul F. Evans personally awarded me the Boston Police Department Distinguished Service Award.  I also worked as a legal writer and editor at Quinlan Publishing, where I wrote “The Internal Affairs Handbook,” and at LexisNexis, which provides computer-assisted legal research.

My professional horse experience began in 2001, managing an eventing barn office in Massachusetts. Later that same year, I relocated to the Western US and began developing a variety of programs involving horses through my work with the non-profit organization Tapestry Institute, of which I am currently President. My activities included: establishing equine educational programs funded by Pierce Brosnan and Dean Koontz, among others; organizing conferences with presenters such as Marj Kittredge, founder of the therapeutic riding movement; and developing a mindfulness-based horse workshop structured within Native worldview that was offered to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through the WINGS Foundation of Denver. Starting in 2008, I offered riding instruction and horse training. I worked as a resident horse professional and conducted national seminars and clinics throughout the West. I gave talks and workshops at venues such as the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, and I produced an instructional DVD for fearful riders.

Joanne L. Belasco, Esq.I have owned and ridden horses for more then 40 years and currently own a number of horses I enjoy personally and use in educational programs and workshops. I have shown in dressage competitions and, as a child, in 4-H. I trained for five years with advanced-level eventing rider Adrienne Iorio in Millis, Massachusetts.  I am a lifelong animal lover and have shared my life with dogs, rabbits, cats, birds, buffalo, and goats (dairy and fiber). I have worked in the horse rescue community and have been a wild Mustang advocate since 2001. I have gentled and trained wild Mustangs who continue to be a part of my life. Due to family health concerns, I live in Colorado. Living here gives me wonderful opportunities to spend time in and photograph nature and my horses.

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