equine law horses law joanne belascoLet’s be honest. When you think of riding your horse or teaching your next lesson, the last thing that enters your mind is an attorney. And that’s how it should be. But everyone has heard of someone with a horrible horse experience that might have gone much better if they had known an equine attorney to talk to about the situation.

Maybe you know someone who sold a horse on payments, with no written sales contract, and never got paid. Maybe you were at a barn that got sued because the liability release it downloaded from the Internet wasn’t valid in its state. Even worse, you might have seen a desperate plea online to help a horse that couldn’t be fed or taken care of properly because its owner died without a horse trust, and the will was tied up in probate for months.

As a lifelong horsewoman and a former horse professional, Attorney Jo Belasco of  Windhorse Legal, PLLC wants to helps her equine law clients use the law as a tool that actually makes their lives with horses more peaceful and enjoyable. She helps Massachusetts horse people and individuals conducting horse business under Massachusetts law by using preventive equine law to provide low-cost solutions such as effective contracts that can prevent problems, disagreements, and even litigation. Preventive equine law can even address the dreaded “barn drama” situation that so many people struggle with at boarding facilities. Jo also helps horse professionals establish their business and their brand. She even helps you with estate planning documents that provide for the care of your horse in the event of your incapacitation or death.

There are many ways that an equine attorney can help make your life with horses more enjoyable.  Learn about speaking with Jo concerning an equine legal matter, and then contact her today to see how preventive equine law can help you.