Estate Planning

Equine estate planning protects you, your family, your horse, and your horse business.

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Equine liability releases, horse leases, sales contracts, breeding contracts, boarding contracts, and more.

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Business Law

Form the right business entity and get business legal advice for a successful equine business.

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Trademark & Copyright

Protect your equine business brand by trademarking it and your original creation with copyright registration.

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Nonprofit Law

Form a federal horse nonprofit and make sure it remains in compliance with federal law.

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Business Consulting

Equine business consulting can turn your passion into a successful business.

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About Horses and the Law

equine estate planning equine lawAs a lifelong horsewoman and a former horse professional, I help my equine law clients use the law as a tool that makes their lives with horses more peaceful, enjoyable, and profitable. I understand your issues in a way that other attorneys simply can’t because they don’t know the world of horses like I do. They don’t know what it’s like to be a horse person and the concerns that come with being around horses, as well as running a horse business. I understand that you want to make sure your estate planning reflects your love for your horse and provides for your horse’s needs. I understand how hard it is to run a horse business and the need for clear business planning and correct legal documents to help you and your business succeed. I understand that you work hard to build a good reputation in the horse community, and you want your brand protected with a trademark. I understand details and nuances about horses and horse businesses that allow me to draft thorough equine legal contracts and releases. I understand how complicated it can seem to start a nonprofit to create a horse rescue or an equine-assisted therapy program. I am a horseperson, just like you, so I understand your needs.

My firm, Windhorse Legal, PLLC, is web-based, which means I work with you via email, phone, or Skype. I know  you have a busy life, especially with horses, so meeting this way provides convenience and allows you to spend more time with your horse. I can meet at times that are more convenient for you, such as in the evening. I offer flat-rate fees for most of my services, which saves you money and lets you budget for necessary legal work. While I am a Massachusetts attorney, I do work nationally on trademark (and even internationally in that field) and federal nonprofit issues, as well as equine business consulting. If you are not a resident of Massachusetts or doing horse business there, I may be able to help you with my network of attorneys throughout the country.

Explore this website and learn about the different legal and business services I provide to the horse community.

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